Aphrodite and Clam Shell

The Soulfully Erotic Movement™

a one of kind sultry, sensuous, temple of goddesses and priestesses

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Transformational Experiences for the Goddess

calling in an Oasis

Combining the art of dancing, tantra, sensuality, sexuality, QiGong, and Erotic Writing to bring about Your


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To Empower and Invite Goddesses into deeply connecting to the erotic and sensual muse within to activate their soul’s voice and become unapologetically expressive through it.

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We pride ourselves in offering a safe and inclusive place for everyBODY who is yearning to explore and integrate all aspects of their erotic souls and creativity

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8 Weeks of Soulfully Erotic Expression

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Our Signature Transformative Temple Experience

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Prepare to invited the Divine into this whole body transformation

this summer as you explore, and grow into your soul’s erotic nature?

Through this journey not only will you be able to activate your inner Goddess and Tantric Priestess within through dancing and burlesque, but you will also leave the experience feeling deeply connected to the energy of Venus, Aphrodite, Isis as they guide us all into our sensuality, sexuality, dark, light feminine & masculine energies.…Not to mention you awakening to your own erotic voice through writing

August 8th - October 7th

8 Weeks of Soulful, Erotic Gatherings

This SEXY temple awaits you…

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Join Us

Early Bird special!

Reserve your spot before Midnight PDT on Thursday, August 3rd

and take $400 off and pay only $499 !!

(payment plans also available)

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$400 off !

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If you have been directed here the oasis of Soulfully Erotic know that it isn’t by coincidence. You have been called.

The Power of Soul and Erotic is that here we offer up the space to move with your curiousity around energy the divine feminine, masculine, and spirit. We know it can be expansive to explore these waters and yet we invite you to join our temple…

The Soulfully Erotic Movement™

Aphrodite and Clam Shell

Course Breakdown

7, 90 minute group class


1, 2 hour session

Location: San Diego & Virtual

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

(all levels of experience are welcome)

So, Goddess, get ready for:

🔥Body Movements for Opening your Hips

🔥Tantric Breath work exercises

🔥Erotic Themed Writing Prompts each week

🔥 Work on a Sultry Dance piece each week

🔥 Have the opportunity to dance in front of your Sisters as your build a showcase dance/writing art piece

🔥Be ignited by an experienced Tantric Priestess

🔥Learn Beginner/Int Level

🔥Sensual Dance Moves to move Shakti

🔥 GiGong Energy Movement Exercises

🔥 Connect with Like Minded Women,

those on the Priestess Path

🔥Oracle Card Pulls

🔥Random Dance Parties

🔥Tantric Sensual Eating

Who is it for?

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⚡This is for every woman.

The heart of this temple is for

anyone whether you grew up dancing your entire life and want to get back into things….or never danced before.

⚡If Temple, Priestess, Goddess, intrigue you sista, come.

⚡You are sick of body shaming or putting others first most of the time and want to learn how to love yourself more

⚡Choreography provided will be Beg/intermediate which you don’t need to worry as Kendall will be guiding you…

⚡For women who are curious about exploring their erotic blueprint and their sacred sexuality. As a trauma informed practitioner, Kendall and her parter Andrei who is also trained in these arts will be available.


You are aching to remember what it was like to dance as a priestess in the ancient temples. Perhaps you want to feel sexy again for YOURSELF so you can allure or seduce your lover or crush. Queen I have you as this is what I will empower you in.

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Week 8 Showcase

In Week 8, we are going to prepare for our Showcase by unleashing a wild

celebration for the Goddess within.

You will be invited every week to unravel any walls or blocks around your sensuality and sexuality, but this week we will really go after unleashing it all as we celebrate the FUCK out of each other.

This will include full out sensuality within and around us as we adorn ourselves with textures of velvet, lace, leather, and that which arouses and tantalizes the senses.

Plus some really Soulfully Erotic treats that will be present!

Only way to find out Goddess is if you come.

Themes Addressed

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Week 1: The Sacred Dance of Shiva & Shakti, Divine Feminine & Masculine

Week 2: Tantric Burlesque, Erotic Innocence, Play

Week 3: The Sensual Dance of Nature & Womb Initation, Inner Warrior and Protector

Week 4: Dark Feminine Goddess, The Erotic Shadows Within, Death & Rebirth, Emotional Alchemy, Inner Archetypes

Week 5: Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Communication, Boundaries, Clarity of Vision

Week 6: Embodied Leadership, Voice Activation (throat chakra)

Week 7: The Seduction of Polarity & Sensuality

Week 8: The Goddess and Priestess Celebration in everyday life plus the Showcase

(subject to revision as this is a co-created experience)

Goddesses will be utlized for our support including Goddess Inanna, Isis, Hathor, Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite and many more

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This exclusive offering for women is not something you

want to miss. We begin the August 8th (limited spots available)

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Email soulfullyerotic@gmail.com

Join this Vibrant, Wild,

Divine Sisterhood

August 8th-October 7th

8 Weeks of Soulful, Erotic Gatherings

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WITHIN SOULFULLY EROTIC, OUR MISSION IS TO HELP WOMEN CONNECT TO THEIR SOULS VOICE THROUGH THE MIND BODY CONNECTION WITH SPIRIT. With many feeling disconected to their bodies, creativity in light of ptriachal systems, we aim to initiate women into the rsoul's journey by facing the underowld and rising like a phoenix.


THE TRUTH IS THAT ALL ARE EROTIC BEINGS AND YET societal programming has conditioning many of us wome to surpress our wild, seductive side to please others and what others think we need to be. Here you get to explore sacred archetypes of the divine, including your sacred slut within yearning to come forward.


wE AS HUMANS ARE VERY MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS THAT ARE EXPRESSING ENERGY WITHIN EVERY MOMENT. Soulfuly erotic prides itself in helping catalyze and support priestesses, tantrikas, S*X Workers, Dakinis, Goddesses, Women to claim back their power and voice through understanding the somatic body, ENERGY BODY, & mystical arts from within.

Additional Offerings Available

Not only are you able to join this group experience, but if you are looking for direct 1:1 support our team can support. Plus if you are wanting more support in relationships, Andrei Knight(Kendall's partner, Tantra Coach) and I offer that to couples wanting additional help. Please email soulfullyerotic@gmail.com

Priestess Sermon coming through...

The Creatrix of Soulfully Erotic

I have received the call within to be part of YOUR initiation into the deep Feminine Arts of Soul and Eroticism. At my core I believe you have all the wisdom and power to activate all that you already are.

See, for me, being initated into the Goddess has taken me into the depth of my Soul's ache, bringing up so much around my past lives and why in the world I came back to this planet once again.

Well... Goddess... Priestess... we have done this before. We have been in Temple, Sisterhood, holding the flame of the Sacred Sexual life force energy that can awaken not only ourselves but the masses to their innate Divinity.

The truth is that this is an initiation for all of us to rise into our power and voices. Will you join me, us, dancing, writing, laughing, crying, releasing... all while accessing the power of our Orgasmic bliss?

Oh Goddess, now is your time... don't let this summer pass you by,.. See you on the other side for some Witchy, Goddess, Priestess, Magick!

Soulfully You